Alps Mediterranean wine is dedicated to promote and supply top quality wines from the best wine regions of Alps and Europe to China and Asia.

About Alps Mediterranean Wines:

Alps Mediterranean Wine is committed to promoting and supplying high-quality wines from the best wine-growing regions of the Alps and Europe to China and Asia.
We are successfully cooperating with many of Europe best wine producers, with rich history and award winning wines.
Alps Mediterranean Wine is a group of companies based in Slovenia, Hong Kong and China, so we control the complete logistics from export to import, warehousing and distribution. In this way, we can ensure that the wine maintains quality during transportation and guarantee low logistics costs, allowing our customers to enjoy high-quality wine and the best prices.
Alps Mediterranean Wine Group is also a cultural bridge between Slovenia and China, a bridge between Central European countries and China, and a bridge between Europe and China to promote Slovenian, European culture and promote Chinese culture in China and Europe.
Alps Mediterranean Wine is always part of the biggest wine event in China. We organise seminars with top Slovenian winemakers about wine culture and wine production.
Alps Mediterranean Wine is also promoting Slovenia as a country with the most beautiful and rare treasures. It will take you just two hours by car on the Adriatic Sea, from swimming to skiing in the Alps, taking an unforgettable boat trip on one of our beautiful lakes to visiting one of the 20 spectacular caves, from spending a wonderful time in one of our health spas and resorts to enjoying traditional Slovenian culinary.
As Slovenia lies geographically in the heart of Europe, from here it is easy to visit other countries and cities of old Europe.
Slovenia is in all respects ideally suited to winemaking, its terroir, determined in part by the mix of climatic influences from the Mediterranean and the Alps.  As world-renowned expert Anthony Dias Blue put it, Slovenia is a winemaking paradise. The presence of the vine in this small country on the sunny side of the Alps has been documented as far back as 2,600 years ago. At Slovenian wineries you can find gentle, fresh, aromatic whites, top predicate-quality whites, and full, hearty and recognisably sun-kissed reds. In short, Slovenia is the whole World in miniature.

About Slovenia:

Slovenia is one of Europe’s youngest nations with one of its most interesting histories. It was part of the Roman Empire, was conquered by Napoleon, formed the southwestern border of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and the northernmost frontier of Yugoslavia. When Yugoslavia disintegrated in 1991, Slovenia was the first republic to gain true independence, fighting a brief ten-day war before the Yugoslav army was driven off. It has been peaceful and prosperous since.
Slovenia rests at the crossroads of Western and Central Europe – north is Austria, with Italy to the west, Hungary east and Croatia to the south. A short stretch of the Adriatic Sea forms Slovenia’s picturesque, rocky coastline. The Julian Alps rise along the Italian and Austrian borders, with wooded hills and fertile fields predominating as one moves south and east, and lush valleys rolling west toward the sea.

Slovenian wine tradition

Slovenia is home to the oldest continuously producing vine in Europe – it is over four hundred years old. Under the various governments that controlled Slovenia over the years, winemaking continued. Certainly, with the influence of winemaking cultures like the Austrians and the French, it is no surprise that Slovenian vineyards have been producing high quality wines for many, many years.
This tradition has been carried on by a new generation of private winemakers that have grown with the new freedom afforded for individual enterprise under the democratic government. These wineries have drawn on the history of Slovenian winemaking and agriculture, and the methods and technology that have been developed in the great wine producing regions of the world to create their own unique styles that rival the best wines found anywhere – some wineries have won well over one hundred medals in international competition. 


Posavje region,

Podravje region and

Primorje region.

More about the Posavje region

Selected dry red wine

Vintage: 2015

Grape variety: 100% Merlot


• Alcohol: 13.0 % by vol.
• Sugar: 1.9 g/l
• Total acidity: 5.1 g/l
• pH: 3.6


Handpicked grapes. Seven days of maceration with fermentation at temperatures up to 25°C. After alcoholic fermentation, wine underwent complete malolactic fermentation and matured for three months on lees. Thirty months of wine aging in used French and American oak barrels and casks of 2.000-5.000 litres. Bottled unfiltered.

Tasting notes:

Dark ruby red colour. Expressed varietal aromas of raspberry and strawberry with hints of dark chocolate and ink. The aroma is persistent and complex.

Full bodied wine with rich and soft/sweet tannins. The taste shows characteristics of tobacco leaves, dark chocolate, raspberry and candied orange peel. The aftertaste is persistent, delicious.

Vintage : 2016

Grape variety: Dry selected red wine


• Alcohol: 12.5 % by vol.
• Sugar: 1.8 g/l
• Total acidity: 5.6 g/l
• pH: 3.7


First step in getting top wine quality is the quality of the wine grapes. All grapes are hand picked and treated with special care. This selected red wine has dark ruby color, with accentuated aroma of grapes which later is intert wined with discreet aroma of cherry and sour cherry.

Tasting notes:

Robust, full, concentrated, rich with soft and pleasant tannins. Helps reduce fat, triglycerides and cholesterol in the blood.

Serving temperature:

For a perfect wine experience, serve at 18 °C.
Serving suggestion: roast pork, veal, venison, home-made piesand strong aromatic cheese

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