Wine regions

The Podravje region: 

Tucked into the north-eastern corner of Slovenia, bordering Austria, Hungary, and Croatia, is Podravje, the largest of Slovenia’s wine-growing regions.
The area was once part of an ancient sea floor, and the resulting soils are full of nutrients and minerals that make them ideal for cultivating wine grapes. The climate is typically continental, with some influence from the Alps on the western portions of the region. Summers are very hot and sometimes dry, with winters being tempered somewhat by the shield of the mountains to the north and west.
Aromatic white wines predominate the region’s production, though reds have been growing in popularity with some of the local producers in recent years. The area is particularly known for late-harvest and other select quality wines.
Control of designation of origin ZGP Štajerska Slovenija
Control of designation of origin ZGP Prekmurje

The Primorje Region:

Situated in the southwestern corner of the country along the Italian border and the Adriatic Sea, Primorje’s name is taken from the Slovene phrase “by the sea.”
It is blessed with a typical Mediterranean climate, with an early spring, warm, sunny summers, a short rainy season in September and October, and dry winds coming off the sea in the fall and winter.
This has the effect of making the grapes ripen quickly, with low acidity, high sugar content, and strong pigments. Wines from Primorje are generally dry and rich in minerals, with reds and whites each making up about half of the region’s production.
Control of designation of origin ZGP Brda
Control of designation of origin ZGP Vipava
Control of designation of origin ZGP Slovenska Istra
Control of designation of origin ZGP Kras

The Posavje Region:

Slovenia is in all respects ideally suited to winemaking, its terroir, determined in part by the mix of climatic influences from the Mediterranean and the Alps.
As world-renowned expert Anthony Dias Blue put it, Slovenia is a winemaking paradise. The presence of the vine in this small country on the sunny side of the Alps has been documented as far back as 2,600 years ago.
At Slovenian wineries you can find gentle, fresh, aromatic whites, top predicate-quality whites, and full, hearty and recognisably sun-kissed reds. In short, Slovenia is the Old World in miniature.
Control of designation of origin ZGP Dolenjska
Control of designation of origin ZGP Bela Krajina